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The carding machine is a workhorse, designed and built to run a wide range of fiber at a productive rate without sacrificing quality. Some important features:

  • Safety first!: The machine is equipped with guards that completely enclose it. They are equipped with electrical safety switches, and the machine power will be shut down as soon as the guards are opened. However, the machine will drift to a stop, still moving by momentum.
    These machines are large and can be very dangerous. The most important safety device is the operator!
  • The machine can be built with a 25- or 32-inch working width.
  • The steel rolls are precision ground to a three-thousandths degree run-out. This means we can safely set your rolls at a ten-thousandths gap, giving maximum carding ability.
  • All of the rolls are covered with metallic wire instead of fillet wire, again giving you the best carding quality and allowing you to change fiber color or type with less than five minutes cleaning time.
  • 25-inch diameter main cylinder
  • Four workers, four strippers, a licker-in, a doffer, and a double set of feed rolls.
  • Trays to collect short cuts and vegetation, keeping the particles from falling back into the fiber.
  • The best sealed bearings, top quality variable speed motors, rugged steel frame, and durable powder coating finish.
  • A batt drum to produce felting, quilting, or spinning batts.
  • Optional, but a good addition: Can be equipped with three other rolls to remove as much vegetation as possible. These rolls consist of a morral roll, a burr beater, and a transfer roll. These rolls are an added option, but we have them on our machine at Stonehedge Fiber Mill, and feel they are well worth the added cost.
  • This machine is built to run daily with minimal maintenance or breakdown. Our machine has run daily for the past six years, and I have replaced two belts. Our machine runs over 15,000 pounds of fiber a year and after six years it is still going strong.
carder back

The back of the carding machine, where the rovings and batts come out.

Photos above and below courtesy of Aunt Janet's Fiber Mill, Inc.

carder safety cage

All moving parts of the carding machine are enclosed in a safety cage.

debris tray

The debris tray catches trash that flips out of the fiber being carded, and prevents it from falling into clean fiber.

carder feed

The feed-in area of the carding machine, showing the feed belt, the licker-in, the feed rolls, the moral rolls, the burr beater, and the main drum.


Batts are thin layers of fiber web rolled around and around the batt drum.

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