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Picker and Tumbler

If dense chunks of fiber are fed into the carding machine, they can damage the teeth of the carder, ultimately ruining it. To avoid this problem, the fiber must be fluffed up or opened. Color and fiber blends are also first mixed by the picker.

Our picker or opener will open 100 or more pounds of fiber in an eight-hour shift. One of the great features of this picker is the feed or hold-back rolls. The prevent longer fiber from being drawn into the machine too quickly to open properly. It will also open mohair with one trip through the machine. As with all our equipment, we use sealed bearings for long life and low maintenance.

This is the load end of the picker.

This is the output end.

The tumbler helps clean vegetable matter, sand, and other trash from clean, dry, picked fiber.

This picture is the proto-type that we built many years ago.