Carding Machines

Carding MachineThe carding machine is a workhorse, designed and built to run a wide range of fiber at a productive rate without sacrificing quality. Some important features:

  • Safety first!: The machine is equipped with guards that completely enclose it. They are equipped with electrical safety switches, and the machine power will be shut down as soon as the guards are opened. However, the machine will drift to a stop, still moving by momentum. These machines are large and can be very dangerous. The most important safety device is the operator!
  • The machine can be built with a 25 or 32 inch working width.
  • The steel rolls are precision ground to a three-thousandths run-out. This means we can safely set your rolls at a ten-thousandths gap, giving maximum carding ability.
  • All of the rolls are covered with metallic wire instead of fillet wire, again giving you the best carding quality and allowing you to change fiber color or type with less than five minutes cleaning time.
  • The machine is equipped with a double set of feed rolls, a lickerin, morral roll, burr beater, transfer roll, 25 inch diameter main cylinder, 4 sets of workers and strippers, a fancy and fancy stripper and the last roll is an 18 inch diameter doffer and comb.
  • Trays to collect short cuts and vegetation, keeping the particles from falling back into the fiber.
  • The best sealed bearings, top quality variable speed motors and rugged steel frame.
  • A batt drum to produce felting, quilting, or spinning batts.

This machine is built to run daily with minimal maintenance or breakdown. Our machine has run daily for the past 16 years, and I have replaced two belts and one bearing. Our machine runs over 17,000 pounds of fiber a year and after sixteen years it is still going strong. I am frequently asked what the life expectancy of the machine. I can only say that it is built to the same standards as large mill machines that were built in 1910 and are still running. As long as you don’t run material other than fiber, such as screw drivers, plyers, brushes and vacumn parts, the machine should outlive your grandchildren.