Skein & Cone Winders


We have designed and built an electric skeinwinder that can be made to fit your needs with six to twelve stations. The winder can be set up and left alone until the last skein is finished, or can be set to stop automatically at a preset yardage. The framework collapses slightly to allow easy removal of the finished skeins.

Our electric skeinwinder can handle up to 12 skeins at one time. We also build a 6 or 8 head.

12-Head Skeinwinder

6-Head Skeinwinder


A conewinder is a piece of machinery for value-added marketing to weavers and machine knitters. Although retail outlets usually prefer skeins, those catering to weavers and machine knitters often want cones. This machine is an industrial unit modified by us to meet the needs of the cottage carding mill.