Spin/Ply Machines

Stonehedge Fiber Milling Equipment, Inc., introduces a new all-in-one sixteen- head Spinning and Plying Frame. We have developed it, like no other available, that I know of, specially designed to meet the needs of small custom fiber mills.

When I decided to build a spinning frame, I wanted it to be unique and a real assett to the cottage industry. Debbie, Brian Stanek (our fabricator), and myself got out heads together and created a two-sided machine with eight heads on each side. It will spin on eight heads and, at the same time, ply on eight heads, thus increasing your yarn production capability by not having to shut down your spinner to ply. It also eliminates the need for a second machine to ply with, that some mills have found necessary to try to meet their production requirements. This sixteen-head machine will sell at a price that is competitive with other eight-head machines now on the market.

This machine will spin fiber from 3.5 inches to 11 inches. The whole machine doesn’t shut down when a thread breaks. You can actually fix one thread while all of the others are still running, keeping production up. We do not sell a steamer to be used to set twist. We will teach you how to balance your yarn properly.

Spin/Ply Machine

This is the ply side of the machine.

Spin/Ply Machine

This is the spin side of the machine.